Background to the company and products

Interleader Limited was founded in 2003 by the current owner, Malcolm Mitchell, to offer high technology consultancy into the air transport industry. The company is based in Hertfordshire, UK.

Malcolm has a degree in electronics engineering and a masters degree in physics. He spent his early career with Marconi Space and Defence and Glaxo, developing novel electronic and computer systems. He later moved into senior IT roles with Vodafone and BAA.

Malcolm's passion has always been flying, having learned to fly flex-wing microlights over 20 years ago. Malcolm has a PPL with IR(R) and Night ratings and likes to exercise both.

The current range of products has naturally evolved out of these skills, background and passion.

Interleader has a number of associates who bring particular skills and expertise, and who contribute to the breadth and capability of the whole offering.