remote switching Controller

The Remote Switching Controller (RSC) is part of the Remote Lighting Controller (RLC) architecture and enables loads at a remote location on an airfield or helipad to be controlled by the RLC over a UHF wireless link.


The RSC is available in two types:

I) 12V DC suitable for solar or wind-turbine powered systems, and

II) 110-230V AC suitable for mains powered installations (picture above left).

The RSC can support up to 4 independant switching channels for controlling, for example, wind sleves, taxiway lights, floodlights etc.

The picture above right shows a typical installation at a GA airfield which is used out of hours by HEMS services who control the airfield lights via an RLC with the wind sleve controlled over the UHF link. This avoided considerable cost and disruption as no additional control cables needed to be installed in the ground.

This product is available to special order only.