Battery LED Helipad Lights

HeliLights are no longer manufactured and have been superseded by HEMS-Star®. Please refer to that section.

The FEC Heliports Portable Battery Powered LED Helipad Lighting System is a microprocessor controlled light system designed for rapid deployment in temporary and emergency situations to provide safe and effective marking on a variety of terrains. The system is designed to support HEMS operations where it has proved to be very effective.

The lights feature White, Green and Blue visible and Infra-Red (IR) LEDs. Colours, intensities, and a variety of flash patterns are pre-programmed and user selectable. A key feature of the lights is the ability to combine both visible and IR LEDs at the same time ensuring NVG (Night Vision Goggle) and non-NVG visibility.

New models incorporate UHF tranceivers for wireless control of groups of lights at a range of 250m (wireless Key Fob VController) or 2km from Remote Lighting Controllers fitted with the optional UHF transceivers.

The lights are IP65 rated and fitted with rubber soled, solid stainless steel bases in a range of weights to ensure stability under the toughest rotor-wash conditions.

Operational features:

Easily accessible switches in the units enable users to select the colour and intensity of the lights and the flash pattern or special function to be performed. Once set, the external switch selects either ‘steady’ or ‘flash/special function’ modes.

Steady mode: either white, green, blue or IR LEDs are lit at high, medium or low power levels. Typically in high, medium or low settings the battery will last 4, 6 or 8 hours respectively at constant light output.

Flash/Special Function: in the colour and intensity selected as above, the lights will perform a range of flash patterns, Morse codes (X or H), Dual mode – where both visible and IR  LEDs are on simultaneously or Stealth IR operation. Automatic switching at sunset and sunrise is also a standard option. Depending on the colour, light level and flash pattern the battery may last up to 30 hours.

Case and Charging:

Supplied as a set of eight in a robust 'Nanuk' resin case incorporating a power cable to simultaneously charge all 8 units while in the case from either mains at 100-240V AC or in vehicles at 13.5-28VDC. Each light has an integrated advanced charge management system to ensure optimum charging and battery condition and life. ‘Traffic Light’ LEDs indicate the state of charge of the battery and further LEDs give confirmation of correct charging.


  • PC interface to enable wireless control, monitoring and setup
  • Wireless Key Fob Controller (KFC) to enable wireless control of groups of lights
  • Wireless Remote Lighting Controller (RLC) to setup, test and control groups of lights (See Controller section of main menu)

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  Battery LED Helipad Lights (HeliLight)
Manual *
Batch 5   SN: 401-501
software (V3.02 05/05/15) software (Zip)
manual (V4.1 Iss:2.1)
Batch 4   SN: 301-400

software (V3.02 10/3/15) software ( Zip)

manual (V4.1 Iss:2.1)

Batch 3   SN: 201-300

software (V3.01 16/09/14) software (Zip)

manual (V4.1 Iss:2.0)

Batches 1&2   SN: 001-200

manual (V3.1)
Special Red Conversion Lights
software (V3.03 02/11/15) software (Zip)
Special Low Power Lights
software (V4.04 06/09/16) software (Zip)
manual (V4.1 Iss:2.1)


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