HEMS-Station® FEC Type: HP0723

The FEC Heliport's HEMS-Station® is designed to securely house and charge HEMS-Star® and MIL-Star® battery helipad lights adjacent to designated helipads and can be mounted either inside a building or externally to a wall, post or floor mounting frame.

Key features:

  • HEMS-Station® can accommodate and charge up to 10 HEMS-Star® or MIL-Star® battery lights keeping them fully charged and ready for immediate deployment.
  • HEMS-Station® can be powered from a 110 - 230V AC mains supply or a solar array or wind turbine or any combination of the above, automatically switching to the lowest cost/greenest source of supply.
  • All units incorporate a mains powered, thermostatically controlled cabinet heater to combat condensation.
  • The HEMS-Station is fitted with an internal cabinet light to make night time operation easier and safer. The cabinet light runs from its own internal battery and charger ensuring up to 3 hours continuous running on battery alone.
  • A 'Spike Rack' is mounted in the enclosure door holding up to 10 ground spikes which can be quickly fixed to HEMS-Star® or MIL-Star® lights for deployment in difficult topology (e.g. long grass).
  • Powder coated steel enclosure and door with IP65 rating.
  • Twin locks with matching keys
  • All internal metalwork and fixings are A2 stainless steel.
  • The standard method of fixing is directly to a wall. Optionally both post mounting and a floor standing frame can be supplied.

HEMS-Station® with HEMS-Station Lighting Controller (HLC)

HEMS-Station® fitted with HEMS-Station Lighting Controller (HLC)        FEC Type: HP0725

  • As HEMS-Station® above plus:
  • A HEMS-Station® Lighting Controller (HLC) (FEC Type: HP0725 - as photo above) can be added, providing:
    • VHF pilot activated control of a group of HEMS-Star® or MIL-Star® lights via UHF link
    • Full remote monitoring of the system via GSM SMS.
    • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) with a dedicated battery supply to keep the HLC running during power outages enabling power loss alerts to be sent.
  • VHF, GSM and UHF Antenna supplied
  • FEC Systems Management Software (SMS) and UHF Wireless 'Dongle' for PC for setup and control


  • A Mobile Lighting Controller (MLC) can be charged in one of the rack positions and once deployed, provides:
    • VHF pilot activated control of a group of HEMS-Star® or MIL-Star® lights
    • In cabinet charging of the MLC (in addition to 9 lights)
    • Quick detachment to use remote from the cabinet

HEMS-Station® FEC Type: HP0723 with Mobile Lighting Controller




  HEMS-Station® Lighting Controller (HLC)
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